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IP Transit Quality, Reliability & Reachability

Service Location: 800 Square Victoria, Montreal (Netelligent DC1)

800 Square Victoria Montreal Quebec Canada

Our blend of carriers includes one that is connected to the most other autonomous systems (Cogent Communications), leverages one of the best Tier 2 local ISP's for great connectivity to Montreal and Toronto via TorIX (Cogeco Data/MTO Telecom) and another Tier 2 ISP that connects directly to Bell Canada for the lowest possible latency to Canadians and eastern USA clients (Netelligent).

Unlike other competitors, we take pride in ensuring we have ample capacity before we sell it to our customers, ensuring that you can always receive the service you pay for.

Our Network Advantages:

  • 100% Juniper Hardware
  • Fully redundant routers and switches to keep you online
  • State of the art brand new Facility in Montreal's 800 Square Victoria Tower
  • 99.9% Internet Reachability SLA
  • IPv4 & Native IPv6 (Dual Stack)
  • BGPv4 Available at no additional charge

Fast-E 10mbps

  • Juniper Port (BGP Included)
  • RJ-45 Cat5, Cat5E or Cat6 Copper
  • Un-metered Transfer Option
  • /29 IPv4 Block Included
  • Dual Stack IPv6 Free

$40.00 /month 1TB Transfer
$100.00 /month Unmetered

Fast-E 100mbps

  • Juniper Port (BGP Included)
  • RJ-45 Copper or LC 100SX Fiber
  • $50 port fee
  • $15 /mbit burstable billing
  • /29 IPv4 Block Included

$100.00 /month 10mbit 95%ile
$350.00 /month 100mbit 95%ile

Real Time Network Capacity

Network Capacity

Real Time: This info-graphic is updated every 1 minute.

Our Network



  • Netelligent
  • Cogeco Data
  • Cogent Communications

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